In my oeuvre, I seek to encapsulate the raw essence of the natural world, translating it into a rich tapestry of abstract forms. My pieces are a testament to the transcendental power of landscapes, distilling their spirit and mood through a fascinating interplay of line, colour, and form. Emotionally resonant and visually compelling, my work offers a dialogue between the concrete and the ethereal, creating a unique visual narrative that melds the abstract and the naturalistic. Dynamic brushwork, rhythmic composition, and a vibrant palette characterise my artwork, echoing the untamed energy, underlying harmony, and seasonal transformation of nature. Through a contemplative exploration of spatial relationships and a thoughtful abstraction of sensory experiences, I invite the viewer into a meditative interaction with the beauty and grandeur of the wilderness. Ultimately, my work serves as a lyrical exploration of nature's forms, encapsulating the transformative power of the natural world in an evocative and bold representation that should appeal to discerning curators and collectors seeking art that bridges the observed and the felt.

“Palazzo Evolving” Oil on Canvas Italian Pigments 32x18 inches or 81.28x45.72 cm Available in London  Flux Exhibition 

`”Continuity II” Oil on Canvas Italian Pigments - 24K Gold Leaf 30x30 inches or 76.2x76.2 cm

 “Quantum”  Oil on Panel  Italian Pigments 24K Gold leaf

 20.32x20.32 cm

"Quantum Wave into the Light” I  Oil on Canvas  Italian Pigments 24K Gold


18"x24" Oil on Canvas  Italian Pigments  24K Gold

"Flowers". Oil on Panel 12x12 inches 24K Gold available in London, UK  Prints  available in USA embellish with 24K Leaf.

"Coherence". Oil on Canvas 24K Gold and Silver Leaf Italian Pigments from the Quantum Physics Series available in USA -  24KGold Prints available in UK 

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